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The local TV news is leading, yet again, on a possible review of water bills. OK, water bills in the Southwest of the country are much higher than elsewhere, but I think this is the third? Fourth? time in the last couple of weeks that it's been the lead story.

We know the story: the bills will come down slightly, and that will be swallowed by growth and geography. If this is the lead story then I assume that nowhere in Devon and Cornwall has anything at all happened.

Oh well, I guess it beats surfing hamsters and the romantic engagements of geese. Also, the weather isn't good enough for hamsters to surf at the moment.

I forgot to mention that I have broken my iconic No Whining mug. I feel bereft!

Edit: I spoke too soon. No surfing hamsters, but the second story was some baby otters in a bath. V. cute.



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8th Dec, 2009 21:05 (UTC)
So there's no no whining? And two negatives cancel each other out...

I do like comparing the approaches of local newspapers to quiet news days. Our current local paper does the "small fire in a pile of leaves put out instantly and no-one was hurt" sort of thing, whereas my parent's local paper prefers the "local person almost booked holiday in place awful disaster has happened in, then decided not to." Both, however, have an indentical style when it comes to posed photos of unpleasant-looking families looking miserable because of some grievance they've decided to tell the papers about.
8th Dec, 2009 22:25 (UTC)
I already used the No Whining mug to indicate posts in which there was likely to be whining, so I'm not sure what to do with the double negative now...
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