bunn (bunn) wrote,

New Year

I now have 3 resolutions:

1) Grow more vegetables. The lack of squashes, pumpkins AND leeks in the local Co-op in mid-November made me so angry that I swore I would make the effort to do things properly in 2006 and actually grow edible veg, rather than just a bit of fruit if I get to it before the birds do. I now need to
- clear out all my old seed (all at least 2 years old, so germination poor) and order a new batch.
- Sort out the strawberry bed, which is a mess and really needs remaking.
- Get lots of ground cover fabric to keep weeds down, I just don't seem to weed as often as I should, and it should also work against the cats.
- redistribute the compost from the big bins and the wormery

2) Dither less. Resolved this every year for my entire life, so far as I can recall, and it hasn't worked yet, but worth a try.

3) Carry my phone and keep it charged.

I just found a small dog. It had a tag, but there was nothing I could do with it, as I had no phone. Fortunately, I soon found another dog-owner (who I shall name Bob) with a phone, so we were able to call the owner of the found dog, and discover that someone was supposed to be walking him (he hadn't, say, been stolen and dumped).

This gave me a moment of smug, as I realised that my mobile number is on all Mollydog's collars, then a moment of pointlessness, when I realised my mobile (as so often) was out of juice in the pocket of my other coat.

Then Bob asked if I thought the owner might be lying in a ditch near where I found the dog. Moment of alarm, as we survey the area and realise the huge number of possible ditches, trenches, shafts and bushes on view. Second moment of alarm, as I realise that if *I* were lying in a ditch or a mineshaft, I'd be relying on a possibly-Bob to pass within earshot.

(Fortunately, the owner was not in a ditch, but in the carpark, trying to summon up the energy to make yet another ascent of the hill to look for his dog, which he was very pleased to find returning to him on the end of Mollydog's lead).

Admittedly there are lots of places round here with no mobile signal, but it would be soooo annoying to spend several hours on a hill with a mobile phone mast on the top but unable to use it, that I WILL carry my phone more from now on.
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