November 23rd, 2020


Plants that are coming too

Posting this for my own reference, really.
Most of what I have planted here is staying, but there are a few plants I want to bring along.

 This blue campanula spreads like crazy, so with luck if I bring one plant it will do the same at the other end. Also in this pot, Mexican Fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus) although annoyingly this is a white-flowered version.  I must try to see if I can get hold of the default pink-and-white, which is much prettier, and wonderful when it seeds itself into a wall.  Also a stonecrop that I picked up that had fallen off a wall in Gunnislake, and was happy to root into this pot though it would be happier if it had one of its own. 

The pot on the right, the red daisy can come too, though I only acquired that this year, I like that it has such a long flowering season, it's still powering away now!

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