October 31st, 2020



England has just been awarded another 4 weeks of lockdown from 5th November, sigh.  This is not going to make selling this house any easier. The last people who were supposed to view it got a Covid alert from their daughter's school en route, and had to go home to isolate.  They said they intended to come back next week once they had finished isolating, but I don't suppose they will now.

We are still planning to move, rash though that may seem. Wales is out of lockdown on the 9th, so whether we can leave Cornwall and go to Wales at that point... well, we'll see.  Cornwall (which we are leaving) and Pembrokeshire (where we are going) both have really low infection rates, so the likelihood of carrying or picking up infection is pretty slim. That said, I am not sure that I am likely to be able to drive from A to B without a loo break somewhere.  Perhaps its time to invest in a thermos and some kind of Portable Device.
House of Fëanor

Aredhel, White Lady of the Noldor.

I feel like I've done little arty stuff for ages. My concentration has not been good this year.  But I did make this. I could do with getting back to having a regular Art Day, even if not actually doing classes, probably.

I did manage to finally complete two stories for the Innumerable Stars exchange: my assignment, and a treat.   It did feel like pushing custard uphill without a bowl, a bit, but still.  I wrote!

And I have written about 500 words this week on another story, (The Siege of Khazad-dûm: my Rescued Celebrimbor AU, languishing unfinished for far too long) which is also progress.