March 29th, 2020

House of Fëanor

In which there is baking of bread

The Milkman seems to have given up on delivering me the nice malty seedy bread I like, though he still brought dull white sliced for Pp.  Perhaps nice malty wholemeal is not considered essential.  I responded by making my own bread, which is white, but much nicer than the white sliced.  It was delicious.  I must get my act together and make some more.

Pp has painted a rather excellent unwinged dragon miniature, and I entertained myself photographing it in various possible dragon-habitats:

This is actually a picture from yesterday, but depicts the status quo for the week: Rosie wrapped in her blanket enjoying the sunshine. Today, alas, it is colder and once our officially-sanctioned one walk a day was done, Rosie decided to enjoy the sunbeams from the sofa.