March 19th, 2020

House of Fëanor

To art class or not

I am utterly overcome with indecision. Colin the Art emails to say that art class is still happening on Friday but will then go online.

I have been out a few times this week : picking up car from garage (the window STILL isn't working properly!  Steve is now going to try to buy a replacement door on ebay for me.)  Yesterday I went to the pet shop, to pick up cat food and dog treats, and (probably unwisely) popped into B&M to buy a new in-front-of-the-fire bed for Rosie.  And on Monday, again, probably unwisely, I went to the evening art group and painted a live model.

We have to go to the post office with orders, to keep the business running, which is really essential. Will probably go to the butcher on Friday as usual, because after all one must eat.  Is it that much more risk, to the village or to me, to go to a church hall and paint in the company of a handful of people for a couple of hours?  If they show, which I suppose they might not.  I imagine the loss of business for Colin of closure of all his classes will be pretty severe; he's not well-off, nor particularly tech-savvy, and probably not well positioned to move online: I suspect he will probably want advice from me about that. I feel that he may be in for a shock if he's hoping to get the same amount of money for online classes as in-person ones...

If I wasn't mildly asthmatic, I would definitely go.  I have no hand sanitiser, and the hall has no hot water, so hand washing isn't great there, though there is a sink, I'm sure nobody will be disinfecting the place. arg.