February 5th, 2020

Wild Garden

Spring is sproinging.

Sunday evening, my car, who is elderly and sometimes likes to come up with intersting surprises, decided to drop a window into the door and leave it there, so I'd taken it down into Gunnislake to at least get the window jammed in the 'up' position while the garage searched for a second-hand spare part on Ebay (I love that they do this automatically now :-D)

So today I had to go pick it up, and since Pp has a horrible cold and the sun was shining brilliantly, I decided to walk in with the hounds, and the Shop on the Borderlands orders in a backpack to go to the post-office and the garage too. I went all the way in warm sunshine and didn't even need my waterproof coat.

Is it me, or is it a very early spring? The camellia bush in my garden is in full bloom, the snowdrops in the lanes are all out and the primroses and daffodils are well on the way to joining them.

Theo, full of the joys of spring, has suddenly discovered that humping is a thing he likes to do. I guess this means he is officially No Longer a Puppy. :-D  Fortunately he doesn't have the nerve to try it on with Rosie, who would certainly hand him his floppy ears if he did.