January 21st, 2020


Frosty day on the river.

Suddenly the skies are clear and very blue, and the ground thick with frost in the mornings.  The areas in the shade don't melt at all, so a lot of our Northern side of the hill is now covered in long sparkling crystals of ice over all the grass that get longer every freezing night.

But at mid-day on the river, it's beautiful. The sun as it touches the icy grass releases streams of mist that flow across the river from the shady to the sunny side, and the river at high tide was so still it was almost a mirror.

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We did consider taking Theo with us, but in the end decided that it was a bit cold, and we would risk leaving him at home.  The risk paid off, he only tore up a tissue before we got back! 
House of Fëanor

Arty Stuffs (with a side order of mourning for words)

Over the festive period I felt that I hadn't done much arting for a little while, so I put some effort into it.   Now my brain seems to have entirely tuned itself in to visual stuff and I don't seem to be able to concentrate on writing!  I am actually doing fairly well on concentrating on work for a change, though, so not all bad...

But it would be so nice to feel in charge of what my brain does instead of it just behaving like Rosie and randomly moving off in its own direction, towing me behind it without any real indication of why... 

Also, I am getting to the end of my fully written, edited and beta-read chapters of Rexque Futurus, having just published Chapter 9 (and introduced Jormundgandr to begin the downfall of London).   I have made some progress on the unfinished chapters 12-15, but I could really do with getting going on those now, otherwise I shall have to break my chapter-a-week streak, which would be sad.

Anyway, here's a fairly quick watercolour Celegorm & Huan in Valinor.

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