September 24th, 2019


I return! We've been on holiday to Scotland.

Our twentieth wedding anniversary this year!  We went to Scotland and hired a boat and motored all the way along the Caledonian Canal from Inverness to the far end of Loch Lockie and back! (OK, that isn't actually very far, but it was our first time hiring a motorboat, and there were a LOT of locks to navigate, plus Loch Ness, which can get a bit rough, so it was an Adventure.)

I have lots of photos, but here's the art first:

We had some marvellous misty weather and sunshine slanting through the clouds.  This was a view from one end of Loch Lockie.  We moored here for two nights, and in between, we went down the loch, which I think was the most beautiful loch we visited.  I painted this mostly from life, sitting on top of the boat, which is a cool place to paint from, watching the mist flow past the mountains as the sun went down.

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