August 10th, 2019

House of Fëanor

Arty Stuff

It’s hard to work out,with art, what is ‘good enough’ to show online, to give to people as a gift,  and most of all, to sell.  I am still struggling to work it out. If I paint something, and show it in one place – on tumblr, say, or on Deviantart – and it doesn’t get many people interested, in terms of likes or reblogs or whatever metric you use is that because I didn’t show it to enough people, or because it’s not of a high enough standard for anyone to be interested in it yet, and so I need to work for longer on technique? Or is the subject only of interest to me?  Or should I take a new approach to what I make?

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Anyway, on Friday I made this in art class (well, I made some of it last week but this is the finished version.) It was supposed to be a 'how to paint mist' practice, but I'm pleased with it beyond a practice piece.   The figure is inspired by a free stock photo by Marcus Ranum, who is a very public-spirited soul who enjoys taking highly professional stock photos and giving them away to people to use for art.  I'm not sure I've quite managed to catch the texture of silk, but it's not bad.  I probably can take from this that I should work harder at sourcing reference photos..

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