August 1st, 2019


Still no spiderbaby

So we DID go to the village show, which after migrating from field to field around the village for some years, now seems to have settled conveniently in a field just up the road from us so it's easy to walk to.  It is tradition that our village show should occur on the one really wet weekend in July, but not this time.  The sun shone, the sky was dotted with small attractive clouds, and there was a pleasant cool breeze.  Perfect Village Show weather.

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House of Fëanor

Things Made

First of all, I managed to find things to put the elderberry wine in (though I chucked out the dregs rather than filtering them because I already had more elderberry wine than I am likely to drink.  Although I do rather like it, particularly with ice.  I know you don't usually put ice in wine, but then, this is rather strong wine, almost like sherry really.)

And then last week in art class, I made this:

It's a painting of St Mark’s basilica in Venice, done as an exercise in painting misty buildings from a black and white photo.  I decided it would be better with tentacles.Collapse )