March 13th, 2019



Yes, the boiler has died again! As usual, I am glad we have a gas fire and an electrically heated shower. I have sent an email to Artifice Plumbing, the nom de guerre of our current Boiler Man, and live in hope.

It's actually surprisingly warm for March, with primroses and daffodils everywhere, gardens full of flowering magnolias and camellias, the hedges full of flowering blackthorn and even the odd bluebell showing. Probably a good thing, considering the whole boiler thing.

To Newquay Zoo!

We randomly went to Newquay Zoo on Saturday.  My favorite creature was not one I could photograph, because it was in the Nocturnal section all dark and lit with infra red light.  She was a little Slender Loris, who strolled gently along a branch right in front of us, her long slim fingers reaching and gripping elegantly and her huge eyes staring.  She had a baby in her pouch which stared at us too!

Also we saw a Mousedeer, which was worth it just for the name.
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In other news, I saw our neighbour out driving his MX5, so presumably the baling-out operation was successful, although he did say he was only driving it because his landrover engine has died.