January 21st, 2019


The Ghost Comes to Light

Fankil kitty has been slowly emerging.  First we started seeing him a bit more in Pp's study, rather than being wedged behind the printer cabinet all the time.  So we decided to let him out for a bit.  It took him a few days to dare to do more than venture just past the door then run away,  but he's now got to the stage where he's racing around the house playing with Gothmog.  He's still pretty wary of us, but I've seen him sitting on the sofa with Rosie.  This morning he even ran through the living room in broad daylight!  Sadly I didn't have my camera to hand.

Here they are this evening.  I had put food out, and of course Gothmog had to eat first.  See Fankil politely waiting for her to finish.  She's definitely the boss despite being smaller.


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We have... decided to adopt another cat.  When Fankil was at the rescue, his best buddy was a little white cat who had come in pregnant.  They were obviously very close when we met Fankil at the rescue (he tried to hide under her and trod on her tiny kittens!) Now the kittens have got big and she's ready to be spayed and find a home, so we decided that we'd offer her one and reunite them.   I wonder what Gothmog will think of her?