January 1st, 2019

Paddle of Rebuke

A Suggestive Painting

I think this is the first painting I have ever made that is even close to being 'not safe for work' and obviously it is safe for my work because I work from home.    Anyway, I was chatting about possible titles for a story about Eowyn and Faramir, and someone suggested a steamy romance novel. So I made a cover for it.   V1, the painting, and v2, the Novel Cover.  If I ever paint an actual novel cover, I must remember that you need more space around the main image than you think you will.

House of Fëanor

A long rambling post about the politics & economy of Lindon

As requested by martial_quill on Tumblr.

Lindon is never a focus of any of the Great Tales. What DO we know about it?  More importantly, what can I make up about it?

Well, let’s start in the First Age, simply because we know something about it. The area that will eventually become Lindon was far inland then: it lay beyond East Beleriand, between the River Gelion and the Blue Mountains, and was divided in two.

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