December 24th, 2018



Gothmog kitten keeps stealing the Shop on the Borderlands packing peanuts and carrying them one by one down the stairs and into the living room to kill.  The preferred killing zone for packing peanuts is under Pp's desk, which personally I think is quite a compliment to him.  She also likes to nap next to him on his desk once she has slain a peanut.

We have a huge box of packing peanuts.  This might take some time.

So far, no signs of any desire to climb the Christmas tree.  We brought in the big cat tree from the porch as well, but so far she hasn't climbed that either.  Am faintly disappointed that I bought a huge box of tiny plastic christmas tree baubles, hoping a kitten would steal them entertainingly, and she has completely ignored them.  Still, the packing peanut thing is pretty funny.

Fankil continues invisible.  We continue to propriate him intermittently with small sacrifices, such as kitten food and catnip toys strewn hopefully before his altar, and brief, hopeful prayers.  Also, I tried reading him a story  (Rosemary Sutcliff's Robin Hood).  If we are favoured, the small hissing god will sneak from his place to accept our offerings when we aren't looking. 

Last time we tried shutting Gothmog in the study with Fankil, they had an argument in the middle of the night and I had to get up and check Gothmog was all right (I assume Fankil is, because after all he is a lot bigger than little Gothmog, and anyway, I can't really check him since he's invisible.)   Gothmog was fine but shot out of the door very firmly, so now Gothmog has the roam of the livingroom overnight, and Fankil is still in the study, because at least in the study we know where he is.   We persist!