December 15th, 2018

House of Fëanor

Yavanna's Creations

Yavanna shows off some of the trees and creatures she has made to Varda.
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In other news, Gothmog kitten got Rosie Roo to play with her today!  I was watching carefully, but Rosie was very gentle and playbowing nicely, and Gothmog didn't quite have the nerve to rush right up to her: she kept charging up, running out of nerve, doing a WITCH'S CAT stance on her toes and then running away.  I'm really pleased: I think Rosie will like to have a cat friend, if only Gothmog doesn't get too rough with her!  (I know that sounds ridiculous when Rosie is 23 kilos and Gothmog is about 2, but honestly, Rosie is the dog that got rushed by a horde of guineapigs a few days ago*.  She is not Robust.  I must try to get a photo, though photographing anything that's moving indoors at this time of year isn't easy.

It probably helped that it POURED with rain today, and Rosie walked about 100 feet up the road, wrapped up in her waterproof coat, then decided that was Enough and towed me firmly back home.

Still no sign of Fankil, other than a pair of worried eyes and cat food vanishing. Gothmog is currently sitting next to me on the sofa though, cuddling and purring.

* 1 guineapig was EXCITING.  She stared and trembled.  3 guineapigs was almost too much excitement!   She yipped!   but then suddenly about 30 guineapigs came swarming out of their hutches and over to the wire squeaking madly and hoping we had brought cabbage, and it was clear Rosie felt this was Far Too Many, poor munchkin. :-D