December 9th, 2018

Paddle of Rebuke

Finrod and Nerdanel : An unclothed gentleman in some distress encounters his aunt.

This was a tough idea to paint, because of the problem of trying to show alarm and trauma through stance and expression on a face smaller than a thumb, and I'm not sure I really made it work, but I gave it a brave try and probably learned some things.  I think I could have done this better on a large canvas, but I'm not sure I really want a picture of a full-frontal naked elf on a large canvas.  It's not the kind of thing you can just hang anywhere

This scene is from my story: The Eldar That Were Faithful and I'm going to put the scene as a snippet underneath the painting.

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We had resolved that we were not going to rush into acquiring more cats after Yama died.  We were going to wait at least til after Christmas!
 But the house felt awfully empty with only two humans and Rosie in it, and one way or another I seem to have ended up in an awful lot of rescue Facebook groups...

So on Friday we went to visit a couple of kittens: well, one kitten (15 weeks), and one young cat (10 months).   They were down near St Austell, and though we had planned to just pop in and visit them, then have the homecheck and collect them later, it seems we gave a very convincing impression of being loony cat people, because having chatted for a while, they asked us if we'd like to take them right away to save us doing the drive twice.   This is not a question we are capable of saying no to, so we borrowed baskets, and took them with us.  They reckon they'll do a followup check instead of the homecheck.
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