November 30th, 2018


This week in art class. And: Cats.

I was working on a stormy sky marshland landscape with reflections and (I hope) a battle.   But it's not done yet.

However, I did paint this portrait this week. I don't think I'm quite there yet with portraits, but this one is a lot better than some of my efforts.  This one is called 'But what if Gimli was a hot dwarf???'

We have, if all goes well, arranged to adopt a pair of kittens.  We meant to leave it till the New Year, but... well, it's weird having no cats.  We just aren't a household that doesn't have cats.   So, we've reserved a 14 week old kitten and an 8 month old from a local rescue, subject to us passing their homecheck, which I hope will be OK!  The kitten is black, and we're going to call her Gothmog.  I've always wanted a black cat called Gothmog.  The older kitty is very nervous after a bad start and will need some confidence-building, but I'm hopeful we can manage that.

I hope Rosie isn't going to be too outraged.  Plans for extra dogs will have to wait a bit until the kittles are settled.

Oh, also, I am In Charge again this weekend as Pp is off at Dragoncon.  I hope nobody buys anything complicated!