November 24th, 2018

House of Fëanor

River-daughter with water-lily

I painted this for a friend who is writing a story about Goldberry. She had a clear idea of a character who was brown-skinned, with a slightly hooked nose, and long blonde hair that was naturally wavy but relatively coarse in texture. And eyes that were hazel in colour. So I had to take inspiration from a number of references to combine these various ideas. I keep going back and forth about whether it actually worked or not.

Goldberry is the River-daughter, so I gave her a kingfisher feather to wear in her hair, and a water-lily to hold in her hand.

This week in art class : wet pavements. Also, dog leggies.

JRR Tolkien & Bilbo Baggins strolling along Merton Street, Oxford after the rain, smoking their pipes.

The exercise was supposed to be a seasonal one about how to paint wet pavement reflecting evening lights, since the rain is here for the autumn.  I'm not sure I entirely got the wet reflected light as shiny as it could be. but I'm quite pleased with the cobbles and the figures. Also pleased that I managed to restrain myself from drawing 999 details into the buildings and just going for light and shadow.

Also, here is Rosie Roo putting on a fine display of Celtic Knotwork Legs.