November 19th, 2018


Assorted update

I really need to tackle the garden, which has become enormously wild and woolly this year. I just couldn't find the motivation for it somehow.

Art class this week was looking at light reflected on wet paving slabs, but mine isn't finished yet.

I painted this last week though:  my beloved old dogs Az & Mollydog.  A typical pose: Molly full of enthusiasm, Az looking doubtful but also a bit mischievous.
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I'm slowly nudging in the direction of hoping to actually make saleable art, and in preparation for that distant happening, I made a quick website :

I've started thinking about perhaps adopting another dog, though I'm not sure. Rosie seems to be enjoying being an only one. But I do like the look of Anton. A scenthound might be a nice change.

We took the mattress we borrow every year from my mother back to its home again (we only need it for the one week when we have 5 guests at once!).  We've got very good at wrangling it up and down the stairs by now, and the mattress itself is a seasoned campaigner, a little scuffed at the corners.

This weekend I remembered to order vegan cupcakes for T's birthday (thank goodness they are now in Victoria, which actually has vegan food suppliers so it's much easier to send them things they might like!)  I also made a chocolate hazelnut fudgecake for us, which is very nice.

Oh, and I FINALLY finished writing A New Road or a Secret Gate which is a story about Elrohir meeting Amrod & Amras.   It has a slightly unexpected ending and I couldnt' work out how to make it work for ages, but finally I did, which is rather a relief.