September 5th, 2018


A watercolour poppy

The introductory session for the local artists group was last night.  I enjoyed some of their events over the last year, so I re-registered.  Thirty quid.  I might even be brave and put some art into their exhibition next year!

One of the big online art supply shops - SAA - had donated some vouchers and supplies, and was running a thing where you were supposed to paint a poppy and then post it off to them to be in a competition for the Armistice Day centenary.   It was watercolours, which I don't usually do, and only four colours of paint (two reds, two greens).  This was my effort.  Given that it's the first time I have used watercolour paints since primary school, I think, I'm quite pleased!   I liked the cheap brushes they supplied too, which was no doubt the intention.  I may buy some!