August 15th, 2018


Things Occurring (nothing too major!)

On Sunday, I rang my mother and she admitted she was feeling unwell (unusual!) and sounded rather weak and wambly.  So I went round and made butternut squash soup and rolls, and got her to eat a bit of it.  She was not looking good, but she had an appointment with the doctor on Monday, so I said I'd come back and take her.  Then later, she called to say a friend from her village would give her a lift.  Fair enough.

On Monday, I heard there was a dog missing from Tavistock that had been seen wandering around our local lanes here (her home is about 8 miles away AND she had crossed the Tamar!)  So I printed out some posters and took them with me on my morning walk to stick up around the place. 

Did that, got home to be greeted by Pp in a hurry, telling me that my mother had phoned to ask to be taken to the hospital, and her doctor had phoned after that to make sure we had got the message.  Eek. 
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