August 6th, 2018


Things Done

Wrote a proposal (for a website revamp) and sent it.  Rather late, but customer seems enthusiastic.  I was a bit late walking Rosie and didn't get back to the house till almost ten, which is really too late when the weather is so very hot.  Must get started earlier.

Chased up a list of questions sent to another customer a couple weeks ago to try to get a long-overdue project finished at last.

Bunked off for the afternoon to visit C. M. and Pp's god-child (!!!) small I for afternoon tea.  I made a Victoria Sponge to Mary Berry's recipe (FOUR eggs) and cucumber sandwiches.  Cake was good, if rich.  Pp made cheese sandwiches, C. made chocolate brownies, more sandwiches, tea and small I (with considerable assistance I assume, she's only three) had made Peppa Pig cupcakes.  I remembered how to make roses out of playdoh.  C. got to use her cherished teaset with the gold edges and butterflies on.  It was all very sumptuous, if a bit over-warm.

I did a little writing this evening, and we have just walked Rosie under brilliantly starlit skies among the loud singing of grasshoppers.   Now I am going to do some quick drawing practice with quickposes.  I am on an 8-day streak of having drawn figures for at least 30 minutes every day!