April 27th, 2018

Wild Garden

No canoeing today

... for it is wet, though not as wet as it was this morning.  The bluebells are out in selected patches of the woods, though only in the sheltered spots so far.  The word is going around that the bluebell season will be short this year, because everything is coming into flower late after the cold spring.

I'm not sure.  Often the bluebell season is cut short by dryness, and it's definitely not dry.   But the flowers are late.  The primroses are flowering in pale greeny-yellow abundance, and the blackthorn is still in bloom!  I think of blackthorn as a March flower...

Rosie is definitely slowing down a little.  I wish I knew how old she was, but since she was a stray, I'll never know that.  But since I adopted her in December 2013, and I thought she might be about 5 then, she's maybe 9 or 10 now.  It's hard to tell with a pale cream dog, but I think her muzzle has gone white. I wonder though, if she is actually a few years older than I thought: 9 is young for slowing down in a whippet X. 

We are studying raindrops on flowers in art class next week.  I must dig out some photos as references.

I worked on a large painting I've been fiddling with for a while today, but it's still far too unfinished to photograph.  Here's one I made earlier:
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