April 3rd, 2018


Easter in the Caves of Chaos

In 2012 we went on an Adventure from the Keep on the Borderlands, to the Land of Basic D&D from 1981.  Clearly it was a traumatic experience, because although I think all the characters survived, we did not return to the Keep on the Borderlands until this year, when at least part of the party reconvened with some extra characters to clear out goblins and kobolds from the Caves of Chaos. I can report we were quite successful and the Caves of Chaos now have considerably fewer zombies, skellingtons and weird cultists, and coincidentally, also quite a lot fewer jewels and gold pieces.

Photo above: the Party (level one) about to bravely leave The Road and set off towards the Caves.

Photo below: The Party entering the Caves to tackle some Goblins.
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