March 10th, 2018

House of Fëanor

I finished the thing!

Quenta Narquelion otherwise known as the story of Ghost Feanor and the War of Wrath is finally complete!  I think I started writing it in October 2016, blimey.

It's 119547 words, and a lot more tragic and epic than I had originally envisaged.   I'm very proud of the final battle with Ancalagon the Black and the Winged dragons, which I'd always had difficulty imagining in detail.  I was stuck on that for ages till Pp suggested thinking of it as a sort of Battle of Britain analogue, with the Dragons as huge bomber type things, range limited,  and the birds and Earendil as small and fast - though sort of flipped, since the dragons are defending and the birds are attacking.

I never thought I could write a story that long and on that kind of scale, and now I have, so I am rather pleased with myself.

I wrote a couple of other things too:

The Eldar That Were Faithful : About what Nerdanel & the women of the Noldor were up to while the Silmarillion was going on.  This is a direct response to one of the last chapters of Quenta Narquelion, where Maglor wonders what their mother has been doing.

and in a different world to QN:  Seashell Songs :  A few scenes of Maglor after the death of Maedhros, written for B2MEM 2018.  Maglor threw the Silmaril into the Sea, but that wasn't the end of it. Maglor makes soup, counts spoons, makes songs and finds a way.

(I don't know when I became such a Maglor enthusiast.  I had no firm opinions on him until I wrote a couple of scenes where he appeared in QN, and suddenly he took on a life of his own! )