November 6th, 2016


Caranthir meets the Dwarves of Nogrod Tumunzahar

Sorry, Tumunzahar!

I originally gave the Dwarves larger beards, but Pp pointed out that it's the Dwarves of Khazad Dum and the Lonely Mountain that are called the Longbeards, and that therefore Tumunzahar dwarves might be supposed to have smaller beards.   You can see that as usual it was looking promising in pencil and went all a bit pearshaped when I coloured it.   I should have avoided giving Caranthir such a clashing palette of colours, and stuck to greens and blues, or at least a slightly more subdued red and paler grey.   Also it would probably be a better picture without the mine in the background, and the lighting is a bit dull.  Better lighting would make it much more interesting.   On the other hand, I do like the dwarves faces and the oldest dwarf's plait.
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