October 11th, 2016


To New Quay on Feet

We canoed past the ruins of the old mining port New Quay a month or so ago, so this weekend I thought I'd see how hard it was to walk there.

Not too hard, it turns out, though you have to park in a car park much frequented by the insane downhill mountain bikers intent on throwing themselves down cliffs, and so I did not risk the hounds off the lead lest they should run up swiftly through the trees and make an accident.   Mr Ruggie is in the lead, because he's very unlikely to do that.
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Section through the Tamar Valley

On that walk I just posted about, there were many adits, and it was clear that the hillside was full of hidden tunnels.  So I decided to draw a cross-section through the walk.  I've uploaded the large version a bit larger than normal as there is quite a lot of small detail, although unfortunately the camera has lost focus a little at the edges so you may not be able to make out the gentleman taking a bath, whose job it is to ensure that the goblins don't get out and misbehave.

In other news, Ruggie went off to his new home yesterday, and I just got a happy email from his new owners saying he has settled in beautifully.   I'm sure he's much happier in a bungalow, and he clearly was delighted with his new Golden Retriever lady friends, who are so much easier for him to keep up with than the lurchers!