September 15th, 2016

Az & Pony

A disgruntled horse & Robin of Sherwood

I just ran a reference search for a man riding bareback on a horse, and got this naked man. The naked man is not particularly the funny part.  That is the horse's expression.  That is what made me cackle.

In unrelated news, I had forgotten the ending of Robin of Sherwood, and my initial reaction on rewatch is that it is just awful.[Spoiler (click to open)]Marion decides life as an outlaw is all too stressful and goes into a nunnery after finding Robin dead, only he isn't really dead and turns up within hours for a dramatic parting scene, in which she reiterates that the whole Dead Robin thing is just too much.

On reflection though, I'm coming around to it.  I was never quite comfortable with Marion transferring her affections so automatically from Robin I to Robin II (I'm fine with the idea of Two Robins: I like the idea of reflecting both origin-stories) .  Maybe Marion never really fell for Robin II, perhaps she just found herself being pushed by the story into a relationship with him?  In which case, perhaps it does work that she should decide to look for something else to do elsewhere, and I suppose 'nun' is really the only other career available to a medieval gentlewoman that isn't 'wife'.