July 24th, 2016


'Tes praper warm in Plymouth.

We went shopping in Plymouth yesterday.  It was lunchtime by the time we got there, so we parked on the Barbican, right next to the harbour and went for lunch.  Pp had styled his facial hair in the manner of a star-fish.  I am not sure if this was some sort of celebration of Plymouth's maritime location or simply coincidence, but it did provoke some comment from passing strangers :-D
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We had a good view of the Mayflower Steps.  They aren't quite where the Mayflower sailed from to take the Pilgrims off to America in 1620: after all, this place was a busy industrial* harbour and working fishing port for hundreds of years, so it's been pretty extensively rebuilt since then.  I'm told that the actual Mayflower probably tied up off to the left of this photo, and that the quay and the steps are all newer. But obviously there is a demand for somewhere for people to go and stand and take photographs of each other celebrating, in some vague way, History, and therefore there is an archway and a sort of a little platform thing to stand on between a UK and a US flag.
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It Must be Bunnies

Recently, Rosie has started spending time at the top of the steps that lead to the back garden. This seemed odd: usually my dogs utterly scorn our back garden, instead insisting that they must be taken to more exciting locations where there is more to sniff: people, dogs, foxes, sheep, Victoria Sponge Cake, deer etc.   Rosie will go out of the back door a distance of about four feet, to the spot where I am required to place a dog bed in the position where it will catch the sun.  And Brythen will occasionally go out for just long enough to dig madly and destroy the lawn, then come gallumphing back in joyfully with muddy feet all over the carpet.Collapse )

Will Rosie Roo catch a rabbit and the other rabbits flee in terror?  Or will I come down one morning to find the rabbits have joined us inside the house and are all curled up with cats, lurchers etc, all together on the hearthrug...?  Who knows.