April 7th, 2016

dog knotwork

Art for "He Who Reigns in Strelsau" : a Zenda story by el_staplador

I was delighted to get the chance to illustrate this swashbuckling tale of Old Ruritania for smallfandombang. Sadly, it appears that there are no photographs available of the celebrated Palace of Strelsau, which I understand was tragically destroyed during the Second World War,  but fortunately there are many images available of Dresden Castle, which was of course constructed by the same architect to a similar plan.*

The scene above shows the emotional scene during which the unfortunate king of Ruritania must apologise for having been too drunk to attend his own coronation:  "I have no doubt that history will record a sorry spectacle, but I did my best, and I must be thankful that only jeers met me when I stood there on the palace steps. I had expected rotten eggs, or stones."

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Read the Story here.
No really, do.  It has swashbuckling and is funny and touching and the ending is way more satisfying than 'A Prisoner of Zenda'.

* just in case you wondered, yes, I do know Ruritania isn't really real. Alas.