March 20th, 2016


Lúthien V Sauron

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5 minutes 45 seconds of art.  Story by Tolkien, music by, Art by me.  I recommend putting the sound on.  The song is the metal version of a small section of Finrod's Song.
This post brought to you by the phrases 'how hard can it be?'  and 'practice makes perfect'.

For non-Tolkien fans: this is a story about a princess who rescues her love with the help of an enormous sighthound.  That's really all the context you need.  Oh, and that 'Quendi' means  'Elves'.  Now you have learned your first word of Quenya*, and the world is an infinitesimally better place.  :-D

* one of two available dialects of Elvish.

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I don't know why I made this.  I spent waaay more time on it than is sane or justifiable.  But it was fun, and I think my pastel drawing is improving, slowly.