March 13th, 2016


Random Mine of the Day : Old Gunnislake mine.

Old Gunnislake is an unusually elderly mine, being already busily producing copper at the end of the eighteenth century.  The Heritage Gateway declines to guess when it was first worked, but Aditnow boldly guesses at the sixteenth century.   That means, it's from before the days when someone thought 'Hey, we should make some sort of record of where all these tunnels go'.  Which is why buying a house in Gunnislake is just a little like russian roulette, because Old Gunnislake mine is now underneath a bunch of houses.   In 1992, they lost a couple of electricity poles down a hole that opened in someone's back garden.  At least it *was* in the garden.  It turned out that that shaft had supposedly been capped with concrete, but 'no details remained' of exactly *how* it was capped.

There are a number of documented shafts and lodes plus Gribble's Shaft, which is apparently 'unlocated'.  I hope it's not under this rather nice weathercock.

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