February 27th, 2016

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Finrod's Song : Attempt at English version

A couple of weeks ago, hhimring linked to this :

(I still don't know why Finrod has taken his shirt off in the snapshot. :-D)  The video is of good-but-amateur production, the resolution is low, the sound is a little dodgy in places, the story is not entirely canon and it is in Russian with no subtitles.   I think it is wonderful.

 I watched a bit, and thought 'this isn't bad.'  And then I played it in the background while I was working. And at some point it hijacked my brain and I decided that I MUST KNOW WHAT THE LYRICS SAID OR DIE IN THE ATTEMPT.Collapse )

Why did I fall in love with this?  Well, I'm still a bit mystified by that, but here are some reasons:Collapse )

The full version I made is in this public Google Doc, because it needed to be in three columns (to display the Russian version, a version in Roman letters so I could work out what lines they were singing,  and the English text in parallel).

I've left this doc open for comments, on the offchance that someone out there feels like being helpful by either suggesting ways the English version could scan or rhyme better, or correcting my attempt to understand Russian.  I feel very unsure that I have not misunderstood lines.

Below is just the English version.
Collapse )