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Good things in a dark time of year

- Light slanting low under heavy blue clouds that look like they are painted in Payne's Grey

- Rainbow in one direction, hailstorm going the other way, sun on my back, rain on my face

- The birds flying in flocks and being flung about by the wind,

- The rain and the shapes of the hills through the mist.

- Houses with fires, evening walks with stars

- Torn strips of cloud streaming past a full moon.

- The way the primroses are coming through already, and the roses can't quite decide if the summer is over and keep trying one more bloom.

- Dogs all covered in mud all happy and wiggly when you try to dry them with a towel, laughing at you and the mud with happy faces

- All the paths and beaches empty except for me, and dark trees still flying ragged orange leaves.

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