October 11th, 2015

dog knotwork

Random Mine of the Day : Wheal Calstock, or Cotehele Consols, or Danescombe Mine

I must confess, I assumed when we wandered through this morning that this must be a later mine because there's so much preserved: lots of deep holes, still gaping alarmingly, multiple buildings still in use, that sort of thing.  But it turns out that this is not due to less time passing, so much as the preservative action of the National Trust, and the absence of any other use of the valley.  So, this is called Calstock Cotehele Consols mine, and this is its the chimney and associated engine house (now a holiday cottage) from the early nineteenth century.
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While I was taking photos, I must have dropped my phone from my coat pocket. Fortunately, before I had missed it, a helpful couple of people had picked it up, called me to tell me I'd lost it, driven up to our village, enquired for me at the pub, been given elaborate and confusing directions by the assorted denizens of the pub, and finally called me to confirm my location before delivering it back to me. What lovely people!