September 20th, 2015

dog knotwork

Confident idiocy

I read this article  which goes into some detail about how Everyone Is Wrong About Everything.

But seems to me to miss a point about WHY they go on being wrong.  It seems to me that being a confident idiot is not just more comforting: it is also more workable and financially more lucrative than accepting your inevitable incompetence and curling up in a corner.  And it's not like whatever it is won't be done by SOME confident idiot, and very likely the other guy is no better than you.

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'Two lurchers close at heel'.

Sun setting behind Bodmin moor as the light was going, and the mist began to come up and I began to wonder if the hounds were planning to make a night of it... (Rosie did come back! I'm counting that as a win even though I would have preferred her to come back before it got dark and I fell over.  :-/ )