September 5th, 2015

dog knotwork

Open Studios

We have this local Open Studio event running just now, where local artists all open their studios (or houses!) to visitors and you can go and see all their latest work.  So today my mother and I went out to visit some of them.

My favorite work that we saw was by Sophy White who paints using paints that she makes herself from earth, which gives the paintings a really interesting textured appearance, almost as if they were made from terracotta.  I can't see the deerhound lurcher that I specially liked in her online gallery, but here are a couple of her beautiful horse paintings.  The second one I think we saw hanging, although I'm not sure it looked quite like that - possibly she has made another version or done more work since this photo, or maybe it's just the light.

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We also saw some fascinating glass sculptures inspired by Dutch Elm disease and some lovely landscapes at another gallery.  My mother has commissioned a tiny sea-scape from one of the other artists we visited.