July 18th, 2015


Dog related excitements

1) The Wandering Whippet
All this week, our village has been distracted by a mysteriously appearing whippet wandering the main road through the village, all the way from the pub all the way to our other main landmark, the postbox.
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2) The Woeful Lurcher

I walked down to the river this evening.  Such a wonderful evening, sun shining through the trees, the dogs were being so good, staying close and coming back to check in regularly.
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Rosie decided to race about for fun, and Brythen joined her.  They were having such fun.  And then Rosie doubled back, Brythen tried to follow,  ran into a tree and laid his shoulder open.  Poor big lump, he was crying and crying. :-(

Fortunately, once he'd got over the first shock he was able to walk, more or less.  I'm not sure I could have carried him up that slope.  Even more fortunately, I was in the one tiny patch of the Tamar Valley that by some freak of mobile networking  actually has a phone signal, so I was able to call Pp, who brought the car down as far as possible to pick us up.  

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