April 6th, 2015

dog knotwork

A Difference of Opinion ( Lewis fanart for Smallfandombang)

Read the story here : A Difference of Opinion (AO3) by thesmallhobbit

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These three charcoal portraits were interesting to draw, mostly because of how very much easier it was to get a likeness of Hathaway than it was to get a likeness of Lewis. You'd think Lewis would be distinctive: he's such a familiar face, and he's got such spectacular wrinkles! But it turns out that it's very easy to get him looking like ANY other wrinkly older man. I swear one of my drafts started out looking like William Shatner, spent way too long looking startlingly like a prematurely aged James Brian Mark Purefoy, and ended up as Columbo. Whereas every time I started to draw Hathaway, he looked pretty much like Hathaway and not like anyone else. I conclude from this that Lawrence Fox has a really weird face.
No whining

Made some beads

Some time ago from polymer clay, but I just found the photos on my camera card.   I like the colour mix and the figure-bead, but the surface is not quite as good as I'd like (although I think the imperfection of the surface shows up more in the photos than on the object.)   Maybe they need to be sanded or varnished or... something.
Collapse )It's rather tragic really that I can't stop making all this crap.  It isn't very good, but it's just good enough to be frustrating when I look at it afterwards.  Probably if I could just stick to one medium the results would be better.