March 7th, 2015

dog knotwork

The boiler... again.

The warranty on our latest central heating boiler - a Vaillant - ran out on 19th Jan, so obviously the boiler - erratic throughout its 5-year history - has now decided that It is All Too Much and has given up the ghost, with an error F76.    Rosie Roo woke me at 6am to complain that she was cold and Brythen refuses to let her get in bed with him.  Now she is suffering an existential crisis, because she wants to be on her sofa, but she also wants to be in front of the gas fire, so she keeps trotting from one to the other.  I am NOT moving her sofa in front of the fire...

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ETA: the boiler is fixed!  Tried an exciting new plumber, a Cornish one rather than a Devon one, name of Artifice Plumbing.  He came within 2 hours, twiddled the pump to release an air bubble, and it is working again.  Hurray!  this weekend's task: bleed all the radiators... :-(