December 13th, 2014

dog knotwork


We walked the dogs late tonight, due to car-related mishap. First we saw a firework display clear across the valley: it was a quiet one, so Brythen was not upset by bangs, which was excellent.

We wandered around the village looking at the houses which had their Christmas lights up (ours aren't yet, but we do now have a tree at least!)

The sky was joining in with the lights : it was a very clear night, frosty and black with no streetlights or moon to hide the sky. As well as Orion very clear and the Plough, we saw shooting stars, at least seven of them, to the North and West.

The Western Morning News thinks that the best time to see them would be 2am, but I've just been out to look and I think the river-mist has crept up to us. The lights in the village look fuzzy round the edges now, and the stars are not so clear. A huge slice of bright yellow moon has popped up over the edge of Dartmoor though, looking very much like an enormous slice of sky-lemon balanced on the edge of a monstrous invisible sky-cocktail.