November 15th, 2014

Wild Garden

Alder Buckthorn from the subconscious

I took a photo of this a few weeks ago because I didn't recognise it. I expect to recognise trees - at least, trees growing in a context that says 'I am a native tree!' like this one.  Later, I found the photo and thought 'what was that tree anyway?'  So I typed things vaguely into Google, but had no luck.  Then the word 'Alder'  came into my head, and then the word 'buckthorn'. And so it appears to be.   Yet I would have sworn I did not know that tree.

 Bad brain, no biscuit.

Dog walk and whinge

The walk:  The sun was shining, and although some of the trees have lost their leaves, there are enough leaves left to make good reflections in the river.  The trees that still have leaves are mostly beech and sweet chestnut, which are both trees with good colour, although there were a few oaks still be-leaved too.

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The whinge:
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Finally, here is an article explaining how to turn Barbie dolls into Weeping Angels.