August 3rd, 2014


Walk in the woods

I went past the field with the alpacas, on my way to Devon this morning.   I find alpacas moderately funny animals at the best of times, but these had recently been shaved.   I'm afraid I stood on the footpath and laughed out loud at these, with their mad hair and their tiny necks.   They pulled faces of outrage at me, which just made them funnier.
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There's no getting away from it, one of my dogs is a bit more photogenic than the other one.  Poor Brythen, he's such a nice dog.  But not quite so pretty as the Roo.   The spring flowers are long gone and the woods are now green and full of ferns, long dark shadows and sunbeams.Collapse )Collapse )

On Rame Head

Randomly we went to Rame Head: a long tall bulge of land pointing out into the sea.
 It has a little building on it that from a distance looks like a chapel.  Wikipedia calls it an 'intact shell' and says it is dedicated to St Michael, but at close quarters, it is fairly clear that the people who are mostly using it nowadays are equine.  Possibly they still say horsy prayers to St Michael for providing them with a horse-shelter with such fine views.
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