May 5th, 2014


River Valley walk

Yesterday, I decided to walk down past Gunnislake, along the river valley.   This is one of the walks that I'm rediscovering with the lurchers - for years with Mollydog, I had to be very careful about walks that involved tarmac and not walk too far, because of her knackered legs and feet, and then after she died Az was really too old for longer walks.   But Brythen and Rosie really should be able to walk for a few miles - although it must be said that after a couple of miles they stop looking for squirrels and trot along quite sedately, which is more than Mollydog did in her youth.  I remember one Dartmoor walk when we walked for four hours, and somehow she still found the oomph to do mad zoomies around the car when we got back to it...

Anyway,  the bluebells were looking good, although they were only around in patches.Collapse )