April 30th, 2014

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The White Hare : Part 1

Title: The White Hare
Word Count: 20566. Blimey! Also on AO3

Summary: Marcus Flavius Aquila returns to Isca Dumnoniorum, where an old friend talks him into taking an unusual job. Before long he finds himself deep in trouble...

This is the story I've periodically wittered about, where I try to make the real archaeology of Dumnonia work with the plot of Eagle of the Ninth. I'm not sure I've succeeded, partly due to the iniquity of archaeologists, who keep digging things up, the bastards. but - well. I gave it a damn good go.

Completed for smallfandombang, without which deadline I suspect I would never have got the damn thing finished, and kindly and very helpfully beta'd by carmarthen and hedgebird.


The spring came rushing up and across the downs that year, bright and urgent on a wind from the sea. Small clouds chased each across the pale-blue sky, while in the valley, playful fox-red lambs leapt across valley slopes flushed green with new grass. Marcus looked out from the terrace and smiled. The lambing had gone well. After the first wet spring, he had almost despaired of being able to keep sheep. But these new little red sheep that Cottia had found were thriving. Of course it was easier now that they had the lambing pens set up and the hedges in good trim, and could afford to keep a shepherd as well as a herdsman for the cattle.

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The White Hare: Part 2

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Esca shook his head, as if coming out of deep water. “You served in Isca Dumnoniorum yourself,” he said. “Don’t you remember hearing anything about hares while you were here?”

“Well, I was not there for very long,” said Marcus, “and I don’t think that the people I knew in Isca – the people who might have known about the sacred things – I don’t think they would have talked to me about something like that. Even the people I thought I knew...well, I was very young, and very new to the country.”
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