March 25th, 2014


Oooh, shiny, shiny fruit!

Someone tell me I don't need to buy six Chilean Guava bushes.  I am such a sucker for exotic fruits!   And six for a tenner!!!

There's probably an argument I should instead, buy a friend for my Actinidia Arguta.  In theory, that Actinidia is supposed to be the variety 'Issai' which is smaller than most Actinidias, and self fertile.  In practice, mine is a honking great thing that is yet to set fruit, despite its ideal sunny, well drained position in mildly acid soil -  and I am starting to think that Thompson and Morgan have yet again screwed things up and have sent me one of the other Actinidias that is not self fertile.

I now chuck all T& M catalogues straight in the recycling bag : I have had way too many gardening disappointments from them. But the Chilean Guavas are from Suttons.  I have been less disappointed with them, so far as I recall.