January 22nd, 2014

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What I'm reading Wednesday

Hey, it's Wednesday, and it's actually occurred to me to post about what I'm reading!  I keep seeing other peoples 'what I'm reading' posts on Thurs, and thinking vaguely 'maybe I'll do that next week'. And apparently, this is that week.

What I have just finished reading: The King's Peace by Jo Walton.  Dark Age Arthuriana set in a mildly alternate universe, told from the point of view of Arthur (Urdo)'s war leader, a woman called Sulien,    Fabulous world building, with a lovely epic Irish feel in places and in others, a little End of the Empire Sutcliff.  Sometimes a little confusing - there's a huge cast of characters, some of them pretty minor, and some who are mentioned in half a sentence towards the end of the book after having died years earlier.   There are definitely some places where the story could have used a little revision to make it clearer who is speaking, or remind the reader which character is which.   The format of the book is, similarly to Sword at Sunset, a telling by the elderly hero reporting on the events of her past life, and I don't think Walton slips from future to past as effortlessly as Sutcliff.

But on the whole:  a compelling retelling, and I shall read the next one.

What I'm reading now: Mist over Pendle by Robert Neill.  It's 1611, and Margery Whitaker, youngest daughter of a family of relentlessly joyless Puritans, has been sent off to live with a remote (but rich) cousin, because she has a disgraceful tendency to crinkle her forehead enticingly at young gentlemen.   I am not sure where this is going, but it seems very readable so far.
Sunset hounds


I was very much haunted by the ghosts of old dogs this morning, but not in a bad way.  Rosie and Brythen love their lie-ins, so mornings are mostly rather quiet now -  but while I was getting up, I kept thinking that Az and Mollydog were doing their usual joyful morning-dancing, just out of sight and not quite in earshot.

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