January 16th, 2014


Photo editing software: any recommendations?

I've agreed to teach a photo preparation course for beginners, and I'm trying to decide what software to show them.

It needs to be freeware, or at least start out as freeware with reasonable functionality, I don't mind a paid upgrade path. I've looked at Sumopaint, Pixlr, PicMonkey and Befunky, and am probably keenest on Sumopaint. No, Pixlr. No, Sumopaint.

I'm planning to take a look also at paint.net, Photopos, and Photoplus, but all of those have to be installed locally, which may cause my beginners some agony, and are also windows-only, whereas the web-based tools are more cross-platformy.

They all have their downsides! Any recommendations, thoughts, ideas? What functions do you think would be most useful/entertaining/fun for a mixed bunch of people, most of them old enough to have had no computer skills training?

Very thin dog

Another visit to the vet with Az yesterday. He is slowly getting thinner and tireder and wobblier. The vet feels that he has probably either got Cushings syndrome or an internal growth - possibly both. That's in addition to his failing back legs, and his knackered heart. The vet I saw has the commendable attitude that the old don't get sick just of old age, but of specific problems that may be treatable - but advised that for a dog with all three problems who is also now terribly thin, there is not a lot more that can be done.  He had a blood test a couple of months ago, which showed nothing.

The vet suggested a urine test, which might just indicate something that can be helped for a little while by steroids. I'm doubtful, but I'll take a jamjar of pee in tomorrow anyway.  But the vet agreed that as long as Az wants walks and can stand on his own and walk up steps, he's got a quality of life that is more or less acceptable.  As the vet said, it's not like this has happened suddenly, Az has had  time to adjust to his more limited life.  And he does still prance a little, and pull his cheeky face, and wag sometimes. 

Maybe a few more weeks wobbling slowly around the hilltop?
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