January 7th, 2014

Sunset hounds

Thunder rolled... It rolled a six.

Slightly zonked this morning due to ginormous thunderstorm with extra lightning last night.

Az got stressed and had an accident, although thankfully he wobbled downstairs to do it on the hard floor. Brythen became very woe, shook like a leaf and hid in the bedroom.  I thought Rosie Roo was unbothered overnight - but then she brought up her breakfast.
Cats shouted loudly with joy when I came to bring them breakfast, and as usual, seem utterly untroubled.

Here is a selfportrait of me walking the dogs yesterday in extremely wild wind:
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And while I was taking a copy of that, I took a photo of these, drawn during a roleplaying campaign last year.  Our party was quite polite, and found the range of greeting cards available from normal shops inadequate.
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